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"Julia is a terrific couples counsellor. She created an incredibly safe and warm space for us to address our relationship issues. Her understanding and empathetic nature made us feel truly heard, and she was able to really listen to each  of us and identify root problems, and offer solutions. Thanks to her exceptional guidance, my partner and I have become stronger and healthier together."

Aaron Smith, Melbourne, Australia

"Julia is an incredible counsellor and has helped me so much in my personal growth and development. She has given me great life skills in which I have definitely seen improvement on. She has also guided me through some difficult times without feeling pressured or afraid to talk it out. Every one of our sessions has been extremely valuable- love that she also provided great reading recommendations!"

Lucy Evans, Melbourne, Australia

"Julia is a very kind and open couples counsellor. Julia always went out of her way to explain concepts as well as working through issues with us. I would especially recommend if you are having issues with communication."

Izzi Smith, Melbourne, Australia


"Julia has a strong and beautiful energy that she spreads to her clients. Speaking with her about my relationship along with its beauty and challenges was relieving. Julia's gentle and non-judgmental advice helped me understand that the wounds emerging were housed deep from childhood. Julia's wealth of wisdom comes from her professional experience. She helped me gain clarity to focus on my own healing and path to self love. Speaking with Julia was a healing experience on its own. I felt validated, seen and heard for the first time despite having visited many other counsellors. Thank you Julia for giving me a safe space to feel my raw vulnerable emotions and even dark feelings. I cannot recommend talking to Julia enough. I came out of my session feeling peaceful and strong and hopeful for a better future."

Keren, Canada

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